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Master Volume Lash Course

Master Volume Lash Course

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The Master Lash Volume Course is a comprehensive and in-depth course on volume lash application. It is suitable for individuals who are already proficient in classic lashing techniques and want to expand their skills in volume lashing. The course aims to provide thorough knowledge, skills, and techniques required to achieve a full and soft look by applying multiple super-fine lashes to a single eyelash.

The training program covers both theory and practical aspects of volume and mega volume lash application. The educator, Xenè Vorster, is renowned internationally and will guide you through the various stages of volume lash application. You will learn tips and tricks for creating effortless fans, even with superfine and difficult lashes as thin as 0.03mm or 0.05mm. The course includes an intense theory session followed by practical training.

The courses offered by VOS Lashes are designed with years of experience and research, ensuring that you learn the latest techniques and use professional lash products. The training covers not only lash application but also considerations for different eye shapes, lengths, curls, and thicknesses. Additionally, ongoing support is provided to the students.

This course offers a comprehensive training program for individuals who want to master volume lash techniques and start their lash business.


  • Introduction to Volume Lashes
  • Extension Curls
  • Humidity & Temperature
  • Volume Lash Fan Making
  • Lash Application & Placement
  • Troubleshooting
  • Volume Practice Sheets
  • Being Mega Safe
  • Lash Lengths
  • Eyelash Extension Adhesive
  • Different Type of Volume Fans
  • Why work from Zone to Zone
  • Taking Photos
  • Mapping Practice Sheets
  • Different Types of Extensions
  • Lash Extension Diameter
  • Eyelash Extension Tweezers
  • Lash Mapping
  • Separating Stickies
  • Notes
  • Mapping Examples

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