My mantra for VOS Lashes, "Perfect Lashes Every Time," reflects my commitment as an internationally qualified lash artist to delivering exceptional results with each lash set.

We aim to create envy-inducing lashes for our clients, ensuring that they receive the highest quality standards, extended wearability, and the perfect amount of volume tailored to their individual needs.

With VOS Lashes, we have focused on providing the best value for money by offering easy and fast application of the lashes. By prioritizing convenience without compromising on quality, you are able to attract a larger client base to your lash services.
Our dedication and the time and effort we have invested in creating these beautiful lash products demonstrate our genuine desire to bring the highest quality lashes to both you and your clients. Our hope is that VOS Lashes will fulfill every girl's dream of having stunning lashes that exceed expectations.
Xene Vorster