Brow PMU Training

VOS Ultra Realism Brows is a highly specialized technique and skill, creating eyebrow enhancements that are incredibly lifelike and natural in appearance. The goal is to mimic the look of real eyebrow hairs, replicating their shape, thickness, and direction. By carefully layering individual hair strokes and utilizing specialized shading techniques, to create eyebrows that blend seamlessly with the client's natural brows, resulting in a highly realistic outcome.

We train you in achieving ultra-realism brows through a combination of technical proficiency, artistic talent, and an understanding of facial anatomy. The ability to have a keen eye for detail, analyse and replicate natural hair patterns, and the skill to match pigment colours to the client's existing hair colour or desired look. This level of precision and attention to detail helps create eyebrows that appear as if they were naturally grown.

It's worth noting that achieving ultra-realism is a challenging task that requires practice and experience. Microblading artists who specialize in ultra-realism often undergo extensive training and continuously refine their techniques to master this advanced approach. By doing so, you can create eyebrow enhancements that provide clients with natural-looking results that enhance their facial features.

The goal of ultra-realism brow microblading is to achieve the most realistic and lifelike results possible.